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Home EV Charger Installation

What is Project EV?

A home electric vehicle (EV) charger puts convenience on your doorstep – literally. But did you know that installing a home EV charging station can have other benefits too? One key benefit is that having a Home Electric Car Charger actually adds value to your property, in much the same way as a driveway or garage does, but with the added benefit of it being enhanced with the technology of the future in a home car charging station.

This makes your house more attractive to buyers and adds to the sale value of your house.

There are efficiency and cost benefits that come with having state-of-the-art technology right outside your door (plus the ability to monitor everything via an app from the warmth of indoors), saving money as well as the environment.

EVA-07S-SE 7.3kW Pro Earth Wall AC Charger Single Gun [32a Single Phase]

The Future of EV Charging

The EVA-07S-SE is a single-phase, fast AC electric vehicle charger, that comes with built-in Pro Earth protection, meaning the charger does not require the addition of a costly earth spike installation.

Our 7.3kW pro earth charging unit comes packed with features as well as a market-leading five-year warranty. Complete with a compact sleek design and solar compatibility; this charger also has time-shifting capabilities giving you the opportunity to save £100’s per year*. With the charging unit's integrated cable locking feature you can ensure total protection, granting safety and convenience by tethering the charger, cable, and vehicle all together securely.

With a CT clamp included as standard, to enable dynamic load management and solar capabilities via the charger settings, the EVA-07S-SE is ready out of the box and perfect for any domestic electric vehicle charging. Optional ground mounts (EV-GMEVA-S-2) & optional floor stands (EV-FLRSTAND) are available to purchase.


Plug & Charge - Project EV’s ethos is to make charging electric vehicles easy and stress-free for all. With the Plug and Play mode, you do not require any additional software or applications to control your EV charge point, you simply plug your car into a Project EV device, and the charge begins.

Project EV App - The FREE Project EV App allows you to choose and customise charging rates, prioritise off-peak charging to maximise savings (including via a solar charging mode) and create charging records; so you can see and control all your data.

Project EV Pro App - The Project EV Pro App is a unique EV charging platform, providing you the ability to utilise public charging capabilities and manage and control multiple chargers - from which you can generate a fluid revenue stream.

Input & Output


Input Amps

32a Single Phase

Input voltage

230V AC

Input frequency


Output voltage

230V AC

Max. output power


Max. output current


Charging interface type

IEC 62196-2, Type 2




Over voltage protection

Under voltage protection

Over load protection

Short circuit protection

Earth leakage protection

Over-temp protection

Surge protection

PEN fault protection


Function & Accessory




Outlet Type

Type 2 (socket)


Type A +6mA DC fault
current protection
(Equivalent to Type B)

LED Indicator light

Emergency stop button

Intelligent power adjustment



Working Environment


Protection degree


Environment temperature


Relative humidity

0-95% non-condensing


Natural air cooling

Standby power consumption


IK Rating





Dimension (W/H/D)





Mounting & Accessories












SA8000 Accredited

OZEV Approved

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We offer home charging solutions prices starting from £545+VAT and from £995+VAT to install (subject to survey) 


Ways to charge

Home Charging the most effective way to charge your car is at home, it’s worth installing an Electric Vehicle home charging point, generally charging depending on battery size anywhere from 6 to 12 hours or plugging into a home 3-pin wall socket plug point which again dependant on battery size charging time ranges between 12-24 hrs.

Typically, charging at home using an Electric Vehicle home charging point gives you anywhere between 10 and 30 miles of range per hour, but this varies depending on your local grid, Electric Vehicle home charging point, and the model of electric car you have.

EV Charging Types